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June 14, 2012
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6XL - Benjamin Dover by Jejunity 6XL - Benjamin Dover by Jejunity
Name: Benjamin Dover
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 5'11"
Personality: Benjamin is often blunt. He's an irritable, superstitious, and sometimes critical person. He does, however, appreciate someone with a good sense of humor, and doesn't mind the company of of people who know how to mind their own business. While he may be dismissive of people's opinions, he's not stupid- he'll take advice if he believes the logic is sound. He's often more forgiving with pokemon- he figures that any slight dealt to him by a pokemon is something that they've done for their own survival. He is far less forgiving with people. Ben is usually obsessive about 'getting even', though his definition of even is a bit lopsided. He is not below dirty work to make his enemies' lives hell.
Brief History: Ben grew up on a wealthy ranch with his parents and younger brother. When his parents died, it was his younger sibling who inherited the ranch, and in spite and anger, he stole the pokemon in the night, sold/released them all, and set fire to the barn before fleeing. Months later, news reached him that his family thought that the savagely burned body of one of the ranch hands had been him, and that they thought the ranch hand had killed him and then fled with the pokemon. He never went back home despite his 'innocence,' however; he roams from isolated settlement to isolated settlement, doing odd or sometimes dirty jobs, sometimes even stealing and thieving if somebody will pay him for it or if he can't get work. His guns are not for show, though he prefers to save his bullets for the predators of the plateau. If beaten in battle, he's not against admitting defeat and turning tail- there's always a chance to sneak back and slit throats in the cover of the night or the opportunity of a new day. When people begin to realize who he is or what he's done, he moves on- though, for the most part, if nobody bothers him, he won't bother anybody.
In recent years, he's wondering if he'll be able to continue living the rest of his life in the current fashion, however. In joining the tournament, he hopes to gain fame (and possibly wealth) that would help him in possibly settling down (gasp) or some sort of stability (gasp).
Misc: -scar reference tba -clothing layers reference tba -pistol references tba
-brother's name is Christopher Cozy

Fido | KROKOROK | Male | Bold | Proud of its power
Ability: Moxie
Moveset: -Sand Storm -Crunch -Dig -Thief
Misc: Usually calm, sometimes even to the point of cocky or snide. Fido doesn't mind a fight, but won't bother if he doesn't think its worth his time. He came into Ben's possession when he was a sandile, and they've been to and back from hell together. He usually stays in his ball when travelling, but Ben lets him out when he stops for meals or is resting. He's a bit on the small side for a krokorok, but don't let him hear you say that.

Beautiful | MURKROW | Female | Sassy | Somewhat Vain
Ability: Insomnia
Moveset: -Aerial Ace -Faint attack -Confuse Ray -Thief
Misc: Beautiful is a shiny, for one. She's spoiled, a bit haughty, and loves having people wrapped around her little finger, so to speak. Ben stole her from another trainer, but instead of selling her off, he kept her- she warmed up to him rather fast. She usually rides around on his shoulder, and he's often cooing compliments to her. Ben admires her because she's just as much of a fighter as she is a beauty

Dandy | PILOSWINE | Male | Hasty | Likes to run
Ability: Thick Fat
Moveset: -Ice Fang -Endure -Bulldoze -Odor Sleuth
Misc: Dandy is a bit slow of mind, but he's fast in his eagerness. He often charges without thinking, but he's useful in his stubbornness and his determination. He's a surefooted mount, and exteme heat and cold don't bother him as much as it bothers most pokemon due to his thick fat. Ben adores the pokemon, as stupid as he claims it is.

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